At your own place | Day 47 of 100

1min read

Everyone has a place or has been to a place where time seems to slow down. Somewhere that they can just be in, absorbing the surroundings with very little effort whilst at the same time being completely engaged with the scenery or people or area around them. Everyone has a different type of place. It might be a warm place or a cold place. An inside place or an outside place. A place with people or a place with no people. Your place might change with how you're thinking or feeling. Whatever the conditions of your place, it's great! Even just imagining that place begins to make you feel at ease for a moment.

For me, today, that place has been this place... Middle of nowhere – Iceland

I can't describe why it is this place, but it's good to have it to imagine. Probably a good thing to have a place in your pocket in case you need it. I wonder if there is a virtual equivalent for our virtual lives?