Bean alright in lockdown | Day 91 of 100

2min read

After yesterday's post on some of my favourite youtube channels, I rewatched a mini-doc from Beau Miles called “The Human Bean”. In this video Beau sets off on a journey of eating his bodyweight in beans over a 40-day period.

Beau has a great way of story-telling, finding something meaningful from something mundane, trivial or over-looked. Without spoiling the video too much, throughout his bean-only diet Beau begins to notice changes in his creativity, his energy and his optimism. Three things that make Beau unique. He beings to draw parallels between his simplistic but limited diet of beans, only really deciding how many tins to eat that day (great for decision fatigue), and living a less varied life. Explaining how the beans keep him healthy in one particular way, but “deadens everything else”.

I couldn't help but draw parallels to the current lockdown situations with the pandemic. Whilst we are healthy and protected in one particular facet of our lives, we're actually quite dead in others. There are no peaks or troughs, only flatlines. Which is not a bad thing, but not a good thing either. Though similar to Beau as he approached the end of his thirty days and would start to envisage his first meal of abundance and variety, we can also begin to think about life at the end of the challenge. What we've missed, what we've enjoyed, what we took for granted.