Coffee | Day 92 of 100

2min read

Coffee has always been a great social lubricant since it's origins. I often use a coffee for exactly this purpose and have been known to consume a double espresso before a job interview. Recently though, I have started craving a coffee late at night. (not a wise combo I have learnt from experience). Instead, I leave my satiation for the morning. Very sensible I know. Whether it's first thing in a morning, pulling an all-nighter or thinking up gifts, coffee has always been there. I got my mum a little coffee subscription this year for Christmas, which is a great gift that keeps giving after the holiday season.

Typically I am a small coffee kind of guy. Small black americano, espresso or even a cortado from time to time. In the last few weeks, I have been experimenting with milk in coffee and have found a heated and frothed milk to provide great insulation for a hot mug of coffee, allowing it a longer lifespan than my usual black americano. This gives me more time to appreciate my morning coffee. I used to drink a few coffees a day, but quickly found it's effects to be diminishing. Perhaps similar to our dopamine overload. I did however experience the headaches that come with caffeine withdrawals. So now I have found a happy medium of a single coffee per day, making a bit of a ritual of it. This further gives me space to appreciate the coffee, instead of taking it for granted, and look forward to our next encounter.