Cold and Camaraderie | Day 57 of 100

3min read

Seeing my local hills covered in frost this morning whilst on an early walk again reminded me of my affinity for the mountains and the cold. Maybe I have a slight bias or rose-tinted view, but I think cold weather brings out some of the best traits in people.

Cold weather often brings hardship, and the hardship brings pragmatism and camaraderie. Whether you are; helping shovelling snow from your street, gingerly driving from A to B or simply taking shelter from the elements with others, this often has to be done in the most diligent, resource-efficient and conscientious way. For the sake of your and others safety and wellbeing. All of which I think we can agree are decent behaviours or traits. There are no qualms when it comes to dealing with harsh environments, we can all witness the difficulties and empathise so we chip in, help out and do what we must to conquer the elements. (even if that means getting out of the elements!). The issue at hand is greater than ourselves and affects all, so we resolve our problems and differences and get on with it. In some ways similar to the current pandemic situation.

Aside from cold weather, hardships bring people together in ways that no amount of networking, rapport building or dimly lit dinners can. Similar (but diluted) as to how servicemen and women sometimes have a stronger bond with their unit than their own family, due to the hardships they have shared whilst serving in warzones.* Particularly immediate hardship forces is to be consumed by resolving it, which can become a pseudo-flow state where nothing else matters and time flies by. This state in itself can be extremely fulfilling and difficult to come across in an easy comfortable life. Aside from all the other reasons why facing shared hardship or struggle is good for you and character building, when you next experience it, consider the positive impacts it can have on your relationships and problem-solving ability.

*I couldn't quickly and easily find an article on this so you'll have to take my word for it or maybe give it a search yourself.