Content I like | Day 90 of 100

4min read

As mentioned before in previous posts, I think I have done a relatively good job of shaking all social media over the past year. Whether that's been to save time, avoid targeted advertising, or to stop feeding large corporations my data. I seem to have also managed this without some other social media fad or distracting website on my phone taking over. That being said though, I still struggle with youtube.

My youtube watch time hasn't increased on this time a year ago, my social media usage has disappeared though, so overall phone time has reduced. Youtube is like going to that one friends house who seemed to have all the TV channels ever, they could watch whatever they want whenever they wanted. That's what we have now, available on any browser you can get your hands on. Fortunately I mainly watch from my PC with an ad blocker running so don't have to sit through the infinitely annoying ads.

I do think that sharing your youtube watch history or list of subscriptions can be quite telling. It's not something we usually share openly and can be quite personal (in my opinion). With this in mind, I thought I would share three of my favourite youtube channels that I watch almost religiously. It was quite difficult to cut it down to three! See below.

Sailing La Vagabonde

I have been watching this channel since their first year making videos on the platform and cannot recommend them enough! The Australian pair of Riley and Elayna slowly travelling around the world on their boat, visiting remote places, running into pirates, spearfishing and completing Atlantic crossing with Greta Thunberg never ceases to stir the vagabond and nomad in me. Their weekly videos provide a great escape from the day to day.

Nikolai Schirmer

I have mentioned this channel in a previous post on ethical businesses. Nikolai is a bit of an adventuring skier and acts as a bit of 'skiing goals' for me. This Norwegian's videos are always set in some of the most jaw-dropping mountains and his low-carbon approach to skiing is one most skier should aspire to. As a carbon fuelled snow-based hobby is a bit of an oxymoron.

Beau Miles

With such titles as “A Mile an Hour: Running a different kind of marathon” and “The Human Bean: 40 days on a tin-bean diet”, Beau Miles has a pretty unique approach to youtube. Usually in the form of some sort of challenge for himself. But as much as he challenges himself, he also challenges the audience in a light-hearted but still though provoking way. Often offering a 'deep and meaningful' take on way eating only tinned beans for 40days is a good thing. Beau always has an upbeat and optimistic outlook on life which translates very well through his videos. Although he doesn't post very often, I always look forward to watching his videos.