Efficiency and Creativity | Day 81 of 100

2min read

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

I stumbled across this sentence when trying to select a font for a project I am working on. What's neat about that sentence? The first thing is that it manages to use every letter in the English alphabet at least once. This is called a pangram, which is kind of like an anagram but you can use letters more than once. What is even more interesting with that there is not an English alphabet anagram that doesn't use abbreviations or other non-words. (If Wikipedia is wrong, let me know!)

The second neat thing is that unlike other pangrams, this one makes a bit of sense. Other pangrams take a couple of reads to make sense I think. For example:

Waltz, bad nymph, for quick jigs vex.

It takes creativity for your creation to make compelling sense. Which isn't just a neat thing but a small piece of beauty. Not only is our brown fox story beautifully efficient in using all the letters of the alphabet, but it also paints a picture in your imagination without it having to strain. Two separate pieces of different types of art combined. Which reminds me of my friend doing a similar thing writing a haiku each day, combining a bit of their day or thought-sphere with an efficient set of words. Both very 'tidy' pieces of art.

I find a similar phenomenon in my line of work which looks at increasing efficiencies across a business. Which standalone can be quite a dull subject for some. In order to best instil efficiencies and change, the people in and around the change must be bought in and convinced. This is where beauty no.2 comes in, telling the right story and narrative ensures adoption of the change and ensures it has staying power (which ultimately benefits everyone). Efficiency in tandem with creativity.