Getting the wheels turning | Day 54 of 100

3min read

Today's post is somewhat a progression of yesterday's post where I perhaps came across as in a bit of a 'rut'. We all feel this way from time to time and I think it's important to acknowledge it when you recognise it in yourself. Today though I employed my usual 'technique' for climbing out of a rut, outlined below.

Typically to get myself out of a rut, I opt for the 'do something' approach. Which I think was popularised/formalised by Mark Manson. This involves picking small, easily accomplishable, positive actions to complete. With the aim of kicking some momentum into a cycle of productivity.

We tend to think of being productive as something that requires motivation, which itself (we think) requires inspiration. In the linear fashion:

Inspiration >>> Motivation >>> Action

But in reality, what actually happens is a loop where action feeds further inspiration. View 'being productive' as more of a cycle, where you can start at any point in the cycle.

Inspiration (1) >>> Motivation >>> Action >>> Inspiration (2) >>> etc.

Which brings us to doing something. By doing something, anything at all, big or small. From building a shed to brushing your teeth. You are completing the action you ignite your creativity and productivity engine again, which as it turns begins to run itself. I think we can all agree that a small action is far easier to do than being inspired or motivated, so is a far better starting point. That small single action will lead to you thinking of your next objective (Inspiration), recognising the benefits (motivation) you will take further action (action 2), and so the cycle continues. For me today, this began with a workout and is ending with this post.

Action (1) >>> Inspiration >>> Motivaiton >>> Action (2) >>> etc.

A final item on 'doing something' is that I think with this method you can send yourself back to square one and in a rut by forcing yourself to do too much too early. To keep the engine analogy going, you may run out of fuel before exiting the 'rut' highway and reaching destination 'perpetual productivity'. So remember to start small and build up, rewarding yourself for the small wins along the way. This is about getting the wheels turning and building momentum again so that you can get back on track to being fulfilled.