Kingfisher update | Day 83 of 100

2min read

A wee while back I wrote a post about my local Kingfisher. You heard me correctly, I have a Kingfisher that visits a spot near where I live. I very occasionally see this Kingfisher on my lockdown lunchtime walk but haven't seen it for a fair few weeks now.

Its usual perch is in a small feeder pond to a lake at the edge of my local park. This feeder pond has murky water, steep root encrusted banks and is full of fallen branches protruding from its surface. The branches are the Kingfisher's most prized throne. Or they were the Kingfisher's most prized throne.

In the last few weeks there has been some landscaping work going on in the feeder pond. I guess it was a bit unsightly compared to the larger lake beside it. Upstream blockages have been cleared to improve the flow through the pond, which has cleared the water. The banks have been made more gradual, with gabions placed at the bottom of the bank to slow future erosion. And the surrounding shrubberies have been sufficiently cut back. But with this cleanup, the fallen branches have been removed. The pond is prettier for us, but less practical for it's other key stakeholder. The Kingfisher.

I don't suppose the workmen caught a rare sighting, the machinery was likely too loud. That being said, i'm sure it will return. The birdwatchers are back out in force now the work is complete, to try and gain a rare glint. Though it will need to find a new perch, a new modus operandi, a bit of a forced change in perspective. Which isn't such a bad thing from time to time.