Learning with a project | Day 82 of 100

1min read

I have recently been working with some of the adobe creative packages. Which has been quite a fun thing to learn quite rapidly, though I don't envy any of you creatives reading this who have to do this day in day out! It's quite a tedious thing. That being said, I found similarities to something mentioned in my dev-as-you-go post. Which was that I have found it much easier to learn with a specific goal in mind. I think if I was just learning it for learning a new skill's sake then I would not have had the same process.

The difference with learning with a specific goal in mind is that you can already visualise an end state. Even if the 'how' of achieving that vision changes and adapts as you learn, there is still an end goal/product/idea. In fact, exploring the different 'how's the end product will likely turn out better than you first expected due to exploring the art of the possible. Having the time to explore different avenues in the name of creativity is quite liberating and can become a world of its own as your imagination runs with it.