Orbit Complete | Day 86 of 100

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No, this is not a post about the recent or upcoming mars landings/. Sorry to disappoint... Instead, today marks the completion of another orbit for me. Another orbit survived! I must be doing well?

I spent most of the day going for a long hike, after grabbing a quick bite in the form of a yorkie pud wrap. For the non-UK reader, there's a picture below... and don't argue, they taste great!

A pork roast dinner, bundled up in a Yorkshire pudding

Following this rather substantial fuelling the hike commenced, following a route that I completed a few years ago in training for a charity hike. Although it's not a loop the route takes you through fields and villages, woodland and hilltop. With the highlight being a stop at the top of Cooper's Hill, otherwise known as 'the cheese rolling hill'. Yes you read correctly, there is an odd annual tradition of chasing a wheel of cheese down the hill in the picture below. Plenty of videos online too if you don't believe me...

View from the top of Cooper's Hill

It was good to get away from my flat and enjoy the outdoors for an extended period. No phones or screens of any kind (apart from the odd check to make sure the route was being followed correctly!). Hearing and feeling the rain and the wind and the trees with some decent distance between me and my route home (car). Sitting on the bare ground to eat. Only worrying about placing one foot in front of the other. The simple form of passing through our world. Having the buzzing feeling in your feet after you take your boots off. The healthy tiredness you feel after a day of the fresh air, the elements and some decent physical exertion. All things I enjoy and appreciate about hiking.

I often use hiking to reflect, and a birthday I think is a more personal point in our own lives to reflect on ourselves and have our own introspection on a more macro scale. Speaking to a friend today got the ball rolling on this. I've also posted twelve new pics to kick start some reflection. Macro-level introspection helps re-align the day to day with the month to month and the year to year, and is something I will be doing over the next few days. Surviving another orbit is a great mortal reminder.

You act like mortals in all that you fear, and like immortals in all that you desire. Seneca

Memento Mori.