10min read | Day 9 of 100

This year I have started to pick up books on Stoicism. It's core values resonate with me, and has a basis in some historical great thinkers. What's not to like! Discussing with a friend about his recent blog post, we agreed that there is probably a modern-day gap for guided morals and philosophy. For me currently, Stoicism helps fill some of that void.

A core value from the Stoics is to deal in truths. Understanding what is within or without your sphere of influence requires a level of self-honesty. Another core virtue it to:

live this life out truthfully and honestly – Marcus Aurelius

In understanding what is true and what is not helps not only to provide the clarity to solve or reframe problems on their path to resolution, but also aids introspective evaluation on the path to betterment.

Whilst I (and I hope most others!) believe that everyone should live truthfully, I have since stumbled across some studies which would suggest that in areas of competition, the opposite strategy would be most effective. To self-deceive would better aid success.


Would you rather read your emails on Sunday or leave them until Monday?

This post, believe it or not, is being initiated on a Sunday. The final day before returning to work after a week away from the laptop, email traffic and Microsoft teams. After the handful of days trying to remove these from my mind, this morning I found myself with a creeping anxiety. An anxiety induced by the Schrodinger's cat of emails. What lies behind the opening of the laptop hinge? Pandora's inbox, or an early Christmas hamper.