The weekend melt | Day 53 of 100

1min read

I am sure many others a feeling the same being in lockdown, working from home and not being able to have many if any weekend plans. The feeling for me has started to become one of repeating Fridays. Where each workday feels like a fatigued and brain-fried Friday, sliding on from the previous day. Whilst weekends melt away into an indistinguishable ocean of semi-fulfilling work objectives. Instead of protruding like refreshing icebergs.

Lockdowns have forced us to appreciate the small things and perhaps focus on things we previously “didn't have time for”. But this does not take away the sweet taste of weekend freedom that pre-dated Covid. Focussing on what you could be doing without covid doesn't help you achieve it and if anything it hinders you by lowering your mood. Everyone has their issues and peaks and troughs though, so now is a better time than most to support each other. If you're having an off day, reach out and share it with someone, even if it seems trivial to you, and vice versa in caring for those around you.

The grass is always greener on the other, so best to regroup and refocus on the things within your control. Perhaps concentrating on creating some variety. For me, that's starting with changing my routine walking route! (still incorporating the kingfisher though, don't worry!).