Zoom quiz alternatives | Day 75 of 100

2min read

A super quick post on my top 3 pub quiz alternatives for zoom socials that go down a treat.

1. Quiplash

A great game which is designed for laughs. Players (4-8) compete with each other to make the funniest 'quips' for a given set of questions. Think cards against humanity, but you write the cards. Can be a good ice-breaker, but also good for a group of old friends.

2. Codenames

The link provided gives a link to a web version of the board game codenames. In this game, two teams (of 2 players) compete to guess a board of words, but they can only use one word as a clue. A bit less banterous than quiplash, but still a solid board game type game.

3. Quiz variations

Rather than your bog-standard set of quiz questions and answers, change up the format. A few ideas for different formats would be;

  1. Zoomed in picture round. Take a set of known pictures to the group, for example different brands of chocolate bar, take a close up screenshot of part of the picture and have participants guess which brand it is.

  2. Near your birthday round. Using each participants birthdays, construct questions which ask whether famous world events were before or after a certain person's birthday. For example; “Was the fall of the berlin wall before or after Pete's birthday?”.

  3. Pointless/Least known round A bit like the game show 'pointless', questions in this round must have multiple answers, including some obvious answers. When participants answer, if their answer is the same as someone else's answer they score no points. So the aim of this round is to think of obscure answers which nobody else will guess.